FAQS Questions

What type of Return Policy do we have?

We only do exchanges after 7 days After your order was received.

How you can contact us regarding an order placed?

You can contact our customer support team in our live chat option.

How we handled returns to exchange?

We have a timeframe for a return order placed.
& we only do exchange.

You can initiate a return  within 7 days of receiving your order 
Fill out an exchange form using an online return portal.

All orders need to be returned in their original condition package.

Who pays for the Return?

Customers will pay all costs related to return shipping unless we have sent you an incorrect or wrong item.

What if the item you received is defective?

we make sure our products are free from defects and they are well packaged before they are shipped to you.

What type of shipping methods do we use?

We ship within the USA using the following companies UPS, & USPS  mail services.

What kind of products do we sell?

Tropical Expressions products captivate the essence of tropical paradise within its diverse range of products from vibrant home decor and wooden cars to refreshing cotton fabric fashionably items our tropical expressions products offer a delightful collection that transports you to sun-kisses Beaches, Lush rainforests, and Serene island getaways.

What are the benefits of our products 

Our home Decor products effortlessly transform any living space into a tropical oasis, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Our Fashion and Accessories Collection embraces the tropical lifestyle which includes breezy dresses, & lightweight resort wear, perfect for embracing the sun-soaked days and balmy evenings.

Complementing the apparel,  with our  Straw hats,  Beach bags, Statement Jewelry, and stylish Sunglasses, which add the finishing touches to your tropical-inspired ensemble.

Order Processing Policy 

After you successfully place an order you will receive a confirmation from us via email as well you will have a link accessing your order tracking informayion.

Payment  Methods

Visa, Paypal, Venmo, American Express & Mastercard.

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